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Bike Week 2022 9th June 2022

Bike Week 2022

There are so many different benefits to cycling, and if you find it is the sport for you, then there are plenty of rewards to be had along the way. We’re a bunch of cycling lovers here at Stoke Chiro, and there is nothing like heading out on a Sunday afternoon for a spot of lunch and a cycle around one of the gorgeous locations in Staffordshire.

So if you’re keen to take up cycling, read about some of the benefits below and the things to consider before you sign up for the Tour De France!

Physical and Mental Benefits

The physical benefits are an excellent place to start here. First up are the cardiovascular benefits that cycling has on the body. Even if you’re choosing to take things slow and at your own pace, you’re still going to raise your heart rate and get the blood pumping around the body.

You might not know this, but cycling also increases flexibility while you’re pedalling and can help with muscle strength as well. These two benefits go hand in hand and can really protect the body against strains and pains when exercised regularly.

Top Tip Time! When pedalling, try consciously focusing on pushing the pedal with one leg, and then the other. Focusing on the action on both sides helps to reduce imbalances in the muscles and improves your control over different muscle groups. When cycling, make sure to listen to your bodies needs. If you’re feeling tight or tense, cycle at a steadier pace to help free up your muscles and joints. If you’re trying to build strength, a faster pace or hilly cycle would be most beneficial.

Another physical benefit would be increased joint mobility and improved posture too. When cycling, the repetitive movement encourages the joints to get fired up - in a good way! As for posture, you would be surprised at how much core strength goes into keeping yourself upright on a bike.

Make sure to keep your cycle varied to get all your muscles and joints working equally. Some slow and some fast cycles, some challenging and some easy trails, some longer and some shorter journeys. This will help you regain some balance to your body!

There are a whole load of mental benefits to cycling, including reduced stress levels, and it can be an almost meditative activity, particularly with the repetition of movement as you cycle.

You might choose an exercise bike for your cycling, or maybe you want to head out on a road or a trail. However you decide to cycle, there are some points to just be aware of before you head out, all guns blazing: cycling can be a little challenging on certain areas of the body, and if there is anything going on injury-wise in the body, it is worth just taking it slow to start with and seeing how your body responds to the exercise. That being said, cycling has been shown to be beneficial to those suffering from joint pain and even arthritis, so don’t discount the sport if you are keen to give it a go. Just make sure you consult a professional (medical, not cycling!) before you head out to highlight any of your concerns.

As with any kind of exercise, it is important to only do what is right for you and to take each session as it comes. While on the one hand you might be gearing up for your first triathlon, remember the tale of the tortoise and the hare: there is no rush to get there, and the journey is all part of the fun.

Our Local Area

We are blessed in Staffordshire to be surrounded by amazing places to cycle, combining winding roads with gorgeous scenery. All we would say is that make sure you have the proper protective gear before you peddle off to keep safe while out on the roads - if that is your route of choice. If you’re planning on taking up cycling, let us know where you’re heading, and maybe we will have a couple more tips for you!


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