Stoke Chiro

Happy Holidays! 9th December 2019

1) Carry your shopping in both hands so you are balancing the weight evenly instead of leaning to one side.

2) If you are travelling to visit family, make sure you have plenty of rest stops so that you can walk around and stretch to prevent stiffness. 

3) When you are wrapping presents, do them at a table or workplace that is at hip height. This will illiminate any problems you get from leaning over on the floor. For example: stiff neck, lower back and hip pain. 

4) Try not to leave everything until the last minute. Rushing around can create stress which can lead to unwanted headaches. 

We advise getting a pre Christmas check to keep you happy, healthy and well throught the season. So book in for an adjustment or massage now!

Well wishes and holiday cheers to you and your family!