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Meet The Team Mondays - Sophie 20th June 2022

Hi I’m Sophie, and I'm one of the superstar Centre Assistant team here at Stoke Chiro!

I’m a fun loving person that thrives from being busy working two jobs, whilst still making sure to try and enjoy life to the fullest! I’m a huge foodie who loves to try new things and give it a go at cooking it myself. As it was Healthy Eating Week last week, I really wanted to share my experience of an alternative diet that I've started recently.

What people may not know about me is that whilst juggling a extremely busy lifestyle I have suffered with Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) the majority of my life. I first got admitted into hospital at the age of 6 and have had a number of surgeries up to today. The truth is, doctors are unsure how to help me as it’s been so hard to diagnose anything further such as Crohn's disease. This can cause a lot of added stress on my shoulders, which can lead to a flare up and then leaving me feeling helpless most of the time.

I have recently taken the time to do some research and try out a low FODMAP diet. This is diet full of foods that are low in fermentable carbs - these are non digestible short-chain carbs that are osmotically active, meaning they force water into your digestive tract. This might seem a daunting task but it really isn’t! Since starting this diet I have seen and felt so much improvement! The constant bloating is rarely there and my fear of going on long journeys is considerably less; I'm even sleeping better and generally feel a lot more energetic!

I know that unfortunately there are going to be times ahead that I will feel unwell and my journey is far from over, but on a positive note I can confidentially say I’m looking forward to feeling and being a better version of me. IBS is not spoken about enough, so if anyone is struggling or just need some advice please feel free to ask away when you're next in the centre!

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