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National Workaholics Day - 5th July 5th July 2022

Finding that work-life balance 

A balance between work and your private life is hard to obtain and even harder to maintain! However, despite the difficulties, it is super important that there is a clear distinction between work and play - for a whole host of reasons! If you’re someone who struggles with this, have a read of our blog and see what you can implement to be kinder to your mind… 

Work-life balance is that thing everyone talks about, but few properly implement. It is having a clear end to your work and a beginning to your personal time, without the two overlapping into a blurry, muddy area. 

Having this balance is so important, as, without it, feelings of stress can build up and even if we love what we do, it is not healthy for our minds to be working and switched on all of the time. 

Stress and the body have a very close relationship, and our minds are such powerful things that if we have something going on up there, it is going to impact things within the body. From tension to headaches, poor diet and lack of mobility, there is a whole list of things that can occur due to having an improper balance between work and life.

If you’re struggling, here are some ideas to get you out of your work and into a space of living:

Create routines and habits

Many people find it helpful to create a routine or a set of habits for themselves. These are usually conducted at the start of the day, after work has finished, and maybe before going to sleep too. These routines signal to the body that it is time to do something, whatever that thing may be. For example, you may create an after-work ritual which involves closing your laptop and making yourself a proper coffee, really scouring every moment of it. It might be something longer, and it might be something wild, but it has to work for you and feel right for you too.

Give meditation a try

Another idea is to give meditation a try if you’re looking to calm the mind. Now, it is not an overnight fix, and it requires both practice and patience. There are apps you can try, along with YouTube videos and many other resources that will help you get started on calming your mind and slowing down your thoughts.

Make time for you

What do you love doing?Pick something that falls outside of work and your job, and make time to do that. It could be reading, sewing, fishing, or walking, it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it gives you the space to simply be. Make time for it in your schedule and treat it like a non-negotiable. You wouldn’t cancel a work meeting, so don’t cancel on yourself.

Getting the right work-life balance takes time, but when you find that sweet spot, it makes life so much more enjoyable. Remember to take time out for yourself and be kind to your body and mind!